I believe that everyone is creative.  EVERYONE. I believe that any time we think, act, problem solve creatively, we are connecting with the creative energy of the universe. I don't believe that creativity stopped on day six. For me, this creative energy was especially useful after a cancer diagnosis in 1999. When I didn't feel like cleaning my dust but painted it instead, "Dust Mites" gained me signature status into the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. My Tamoxifen induced Hot Flash series now numbers 31 pieces. When I blew out my MCL and ACL ligaments skiing, that inspired "First and Last Run of the Season", "Falling ForThe View," and "Slide Show." I work backwards. I enjoy the PROCESS of putting paint on the paper and decide what to make it into later.  Sometimes I have a plan, but my paper has a different plan.  I've learned to be flexible.  Sometimes I create works of social commentary or spiritual significance including " G.O.D. is Everywhere,"Toward Extinction," and "Ozone Warning." Other works are figments of my imagination. Doing watercolors is like raising children. The more you try to control them, the less success you have. However, if you go with the flow,you get interesting results - rarely what you had in mind.

Sharing with others is the key to creativity. To this end, I teach my creative thinking approach to watercolors in Virginia and am available to do workshops for groups. Recently I was one of two presenters at a workshop on creativity and healing at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Manchester, N.H.  Said one student," The workshop made me see life with a different perspective - I also like that I can explore painting without being able to draw."

I have sold over 1200 original paintings since 1983.

Having recently emerged from computer illiteracy, I can be reached at marnilawsonwatercolors@hotmail.com

A boring bio of awards, corporate collectors, and solo and group shows is available upon request.